Hey Queen, I'm So Glad You're Here!

Queen Kisses All Natural Luxury Lipcare was created in 2018 by Tamiqua Whittaker (age:36) wife of 10yrs, and mom of a 6yr old girl. Also being a Licensed Dental Assistant of 10yrs, she was encouraged by her husband to create something she could call her own relating to the dental field which is (still) her passion. Queen Kisses was born fm the need to naturally and creatively solve the issue of dry lips as well as encourage women to include more luxury in their selfcare.  The Queen Kisses mantra is to 'Let Queen Kisses Exfoliate Away Your Insecurities and Replenish Your Confidence to QUEEN STATUS!' Branding that encourages you to continue speaking positive over yourself and your situation as your lips manifest everything you speak. 4 choices of lip exfoliator has expanded over the years to 10 luxurious exfoliators, 4 unique ultra-moisturizing lipbalms, nightime lipmasks, even a Mens Line of lipcare called KINGS ONLY. Be on the lookout for more products fm Queen Kisses and again, Thanks for being here!